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Family History



1. Changed picture on front page.

2. Added a file of US military registration cards I have obtained from WWI and WWII. I am hoping someone can identify an ancestor and let me know how they fit into the big happy Stabryla family.

I have been contacted by Mariola Kosar nee Stabryla from Jurowce, Poalnd. I am awaiting further contact to see how her family fits into the tree.


1. I have changed the picture on the front page of the website. As I receive more pictures, I would like to feature different ones on the home page.

2. Updated the chart of Wawrzyniec-Franciszek with information provided by Beata Kozak. Made a few minor corrections to Wawrzyniec-John family chart.


I have redesigned the family history files to make them more user-friendly. I have included different branches of the family on seperate trees. It should make it easier to follow.

I have also heard from Irena Ciuk who provided me with great information on Wawrzyniec-Feliks family.


I have added information to the family of Franciszek-Wawrzyniec courtesy of Beata Kozak. Beata, please e-mail me at , I tried to contact you and I do not have a good e-mail address for you. I would like to correspond more with you.
Added 4 new pictures from the family of Stanislaw-Wawrzyniec courtesy of Malgorzata Stabryla.
I had the pleasure of lunching with Malgorzata on Saturday. She is an amazing woman and we had some wonderful conversation. I look forward to meeting again soon.


Malgorzata aka Margaret Stabryla identified the lady in the picture on the photos page as Karolina Pelc, Jadwiga Stabryla's sister who lived in Syracuse, NY. Karolina was Margaret's great aunt.


1.Added new picture on main page of Mieczyslaw Stabryla family, father of Mieczyslaw is Stanislaw-Wawrzyniec.

2.Added link above to a .jpg file which is an example of the traditional family tree. I have used my Dad's family as an example of what it looks like. I believe this format is easier to comprehend for most people, myself included. I can do this for any combinations or parts of families. I do not have enough free web memory or bandwidth to include all of the families. If anyone is interested in this type of chart for their section of the family, please e-mail me and I can quickly make one and e-mail it back to you.


1. Add a significant amount of information to the family of Stanislaw-Wawrzyniec courtesy of Malgorzata Stabryla daughter of Mieczyslaw-Stanislaw-Wawrzyniec.


1. My Aunt Pauline Themas, daughter of John-Wawrzyniec is very sick, please remember to pray for her.

2. Added more information on family of Franciszek provided by Anna Dzon. Keep it coming Anna, great work!

3. Made corrections and additions to Themas family under Wawrzyniec.

4, Added picture of Mary Stabryla wife of John-Wawrzyniec and 4 of her children.

5. Added data to family of Mieczyslaw-Stanislaw-Wawrzyniec. This is the first bit of real information I have received on Stanislaw family. I would love to receive more.


1. Added information on the families of Anna, Beata, and Malgorzata under Franciszek.  A huge thanks to Anna. I need much more data on Franciszek's descendants.

2. Added new birth under Jane - Janette - Veronica - John - Wawrzyniec.


1. Added a new brother to Wawrzyniec - Franciszek Stabryla. I need a lot of information on Franciszek. Anyone who has information please contact me.


1. Extensive additions/corrections to family of Michal-Wawrzyniec


1. Additions to family of Stanislaw oldest child of Michal-Wawrzyniec
2. Corrections to family of Aniela Stabryla/Glinski
3. Added two new pictures


1. Updated family of Paulina Stabryla, daughter of Wawrzyniec
2. Updated family of Zdzislaw Stabryla, son of Michal


1. Updated Aniela's family under Wawrzyniec
2. Updated Wawrzyniec's first wife's maiden name (still not sure what it is)
3. Added new potential brother to Wawrzyniec by the name of Wladyslaw
4. Updated family of Kazimierz Stabryla, son of Michal
5. Added name of daughter to Zdzislaw son of Michal
6. Added a picture provided by Kazimierz Stabryla of a wedding couple with thier parents. Looks to be October 1979, maybe in Syracuse? If anyone can identify the people in the picture it would be of great help.

More updates to come as I receive information. Still trying to figure out the Wladyslaw connection. There is something there, just don't have enough information to put it together.

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